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One billion people are living in slums around the world and this number is expected to grow to 2 billion by the year 2030.

Slums.org launched in January 2016 with a mission to positively impact the lives of millions of people living in slums.  We are confident that with the power of this brand, domain name, website, social media and caring people around the world we can achieve this. Think of us as a marketing machine for this cause. This is just the beginning and slums.org is very early in development so please keep that in mind as you look around. Many new features are coming. A lot of work is going into slums.org behind the scenes and on this site so everything will be evolving drastically throughout the year.  We will constantly publish information to the site as we work on it so it can benefit people immediately instead of waiting many months or more for everything to be complete.  We will be working hard to make this the top resource in the world for this cause.

Slums.org is a U.S. based organization that also has one person in India. Slums.org is not currently structured as a charity or a nonprofit or an NGO.  It can transform into one of these entities in the future if we feel that would result in a greater impact.  For now we want this to be lean and efficient with minimal expense and minimal government hoops to jump through and the freedom and flexibility to achieve maximum impact.  Slums.org is an information website with social media accounts on a social mission. Slums.org will aggregate all of the knowledge, existing nonprofit organizations and existing NGOs into one place so people around the world who are passionate about helping with this cause will know the issues and know who to donate their time or money to.  It's just connecting people with existing organizations so they can donate their time and money to those organizations directly instead of to us. Our initial focus will be India but we would like to eventually expand to every corner of the world that has slums including Africa, Mexico and Brazil.  The slums.org team will be volunteering at Dharavi in Mumbai India this Spring and sharing our experiences with you.

Slums.org Hopes To:


- For the staggering number of people living in slums

- For the countries, states, cities and locations of these slums

- For the conditions people are living in

- For the issues slum dwellers face

- About what can be done to help whether you live in an area with slums or not

(2) CONNECT PEOPLE around the world to existing social enterprises, nonprofits, NGOs etc that already help out in slums.  People around the world will then know what options they have for donating their money or time.

(3) IMPACT PEOPLE so we can help lives and save lives. We would love to achieve maximum impact so there are no slums left on earth.  This will be a long process and while this is happening we can at least make the lives of people who live in slums much better and save as many lives as possible.

​Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.  Use the hashtags below in social media when posting or searching.  If you donate to any organizations or volunteer with any organizations let them know if you were inspired to help out because of slums.org.  Please share your volunteer stories on our site so you can inspire others.  Please help spread the word about slums.org.

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